Jo York

Jo York
Jo York's artwork usually comes from walking in the landscape. Getting out in the fresh air, in the natural environment has always been really important to her. Being there in all weathers; absorbing and responding to a sense of place, is at the heart of everything she does. Landscapes are full of layers; geological, and historical, industrial and personal - she likes the traces of what’s gone before and their complexity. When Jo paints, she is responding to all of this using a combination of observation, imagination and memory.


Jo is currently exploring margins in the landscape; those areas where land, sea, and sky shift and merge and change. The wild landscapes of North Yorkshire, Cornwall, and Scotland are especially important and influential in her work. Often places she has visited many times, and favourite walks in different seasons, weather and light conditions.
Jo is fascinated by mark-making and her process involves building multiple layers, using a wide range of materials and techniques. She particularly likes drawing back through layers of paint; sometimes using an electric sander or glass paper, bradawls, silicone wedges and etching needles.


Paintings usually start from studies, thumbnail drawings, colour swatches and notes in her painting notebooks/sketchbooks. She takes a lot of photographs, but in practice only use them occasionally to jog a memory or to check tonal contrast.


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