Julie Cross

Julie Cross

Julie is an award-winning artist living in Yorkshire.  She paints expressive figures and enigmatic portraits of females, characterised by rich textures and strong lighting effects which create a powerful sense of mood.  Her work is usually highly textured, often incorporating drips and then layers of cold wax and oil paint, applied with not only brushes and palette knives but also less conventional tools, such as rollers and rubber squeegees.

​A graduate of Newlyn School of Art, Cornwall, Julie has studied widely in her practice, in the UK and the USA.  She has a doctorate in Children's Literature, as well as an MA in Childhood Studies and an MA in History of Art.

​Her work is exhibited widely, nationally and also internationally, and she has paintings in numerous private collections.  She exhibits regularly at the ING Discerning Eye exhibitions at the Mall Galleries in London, as well as with the Society of Women Artists and the Royal Society of Marine Artists, among many others.



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