Kyra Cane

Kyra Cane

When you choose to invest in an object you also share in the choices that have resulted in its production. For some this will involve design and manufacturing processes, but for me, creating pots is inextricably linked with making things using my own two hands.

In a world where most work relies on collaborative activities, it is extraordinary to be responsible for producing a finished object from beginning to end; simultaneously a great pleasure which is always tinged with the fear of failure.

The materials I use are complex and of the highest quality: porcelain clay, stain, oxides, glaze, paper, paint, ink, crayons, pastels, graphite and charcoal. But the tools and equipment I use are strong and basic, throwing wheels, ribs, wires, scales, bins, buckets, boards, brushes and kilns.

With these I throw, turn, mark, colour, glaze and fire the pots that I make and then recycle the remnants of my precious clay which has been thousands of years in its making.


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