Laura Rich

Laura Rich

With a clever use of colour, light and abstraction, Laura perfectly captures the ever changing British weather; creating atmospheric paintings influenced by the captivating landscapes of Dorset and Wiltshire. Laura also frequently visit North Yorkshire gaining inspiration from the Moors and Wolds, which has resulted in a shift in palette.

Using the best quality canvases and oil paints, Laura paints in a series of glazes to create amazing depth within her works.

She uses a combination of sketching and painting outside, photos, gut feeling and emotional response to the vista.  Her work isn’t a figurative representation of the landscape but rather an intuitive response to: the way she felt at the time she captured the original sketches, the weather, the light, and even who is with her at the time. 

Laura studied Graphic Design and Illustration at Bath Spa UC, specialising in illustration.

Laura speaks about her work:

“My painting is an attempt to explain the emotional connection to the landscape that surrounds us on the Wiltshire/Dorset border. I regularly visit the Dorset coast for inspiration, but most of my work is centred around the Downs surrounding our home town of Mere, Wiltshire.”

We asked Laura 3 questions about art and her role as an artist:

1 What is art?

“For me, art is language. It is an expression of something for which the artist can not describe with words.”

2 Why is art important?

“Because without it we would forget how to live. Art is created by, and so creates, emotion, it speaks to us in a way beyond the spoken or written word, it inspires us, triggers memories, allows us to heal. It makes us question everything, it shows us another perspective to our own. For the artist, it teaches perseverance and patience, it offers a release from normality and a sense of self worth. It gives us a voice.

3 What is the purpose of your role as an artist?

“To learn. And to share. And to not be afraid of either.”

Laura added an extra question:

What is the role of the gallery?

“To make all of the above happen because without them it wouldn't.”

Aww we love Laura!

A selection of Laura Rich's artwork is featured in the section below. If you have any questions or would like more information about Laura's work, feel free to call us on 01423 564777 or email

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Unit 4, Regent House
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