Robert J Wyatt

Robert J Wyatt

Despite being self-taught Robert J. Wyatt is a painter in the classical tradition. Robert learned his craft over the course of many years using the painters of the Northern European Renaissance and the work of the Pre-Raphaelites as his inspiration. The techniques used to create the paintings are similar to those pioneered by the Old Masters but applied with a contemporary and unique approach. Each piece is the result of a painstaking process which requires extensive planning, accurate draughtsmanship and the use of many layers, or “glazes” of paint. Although realistic rendering of form and texture is a key factor in Robert’s work, this is not the sole aim. Many of the paintings have a strong narrative and are paintings “about” rather than simply “of” things.

Alongside National commercial gallery representation Robert’s work has been selected for exhibition at Leeds City Art Gallery and with the Royal Institute of Oil Painters at the Mall Gallery in London. 


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