A Portrait of Yorkshire

Yorkshire scenery and a take on portraiture from three artists from North and West Yorkshire.


Jo York makes stunning abstract scenes heavily influenced by the natural habitat in and around her North Yorkshire home. She also travels extensively and draws inspiration from the highland of Scotland to the glorious Cornwall scenery.


Chris Eastham worked for years in teaching art and now is enjoying great success with her portraits of Yorkshire folk. Her work tends to capture unique moments in time with her muses contemplating major decisions. There is an energy and raw emotion in her work that brings the subject to life without conjuring a voyeuristic feeling in the viewer.


Julie Cross, once renowned globally for her animal paintings has moved onto people with a rare aplomb. Slightly abstracted and with a clever use of oils and wax her works are almost landscapish in their look yet hold much more than the usual scenes. She captures emotion and solitude in a graceful and moving way that captivates when viewed.


These wonderful three are joined by two magnificent French artists we have the lucky pleasure of working with. Mélanie Bourget creates the most amazing Raku portraiture sculptures capturing in a fun way beauty, life and are just occasionally a little risque!


Veronique Paquereau has been a long time exhibitor with the gallery and we are delighted to welcome her back with her mixed media works again capturing beauty, emotion and perhaps a little whimsical view upon life.


Meanwhile Tom Hiscocks returns to the gallery with his magnificent sculptures of man and beast. Lead amongst them is the Drinking Horse in Stainless Steel and also a smaller Glass version. His works are an engineers dream with high artistic merit. They create a dramatic inclusion into any garden or home often appearing weightless from one angle yet immense from another. Very clever!


As ever there is an abundance of ceramics and sculpture from around the country to feast your eyes, hands and wallets on! We look forward to introducing you to the new works and space!


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