Grainne Watts and Isobel Egan - From Ireland with Love

Grainne and Isobel are two of of Ireland most respected ceramicists reaching radically different results despite the love of similar materials. We are delighted to bring both of them to the gallery to exhibit together.

Grainne Watts makes magnificent double walled bowls using a variety of methods including throwing, hand building and coiling. The surface decoration is all about patience and design. Hours of work hand painting with glazes and underglazes follow a high biscuit stage firing. These are then fired at much lower temperatures to protect the colouration of the vessels.

Isobel is influenced by architecture with her fine porcelain sculptures. USing porcelain for it's ability to be set incredibly thin and enhancing her designs with a minimum of fuss are key elements to her designs. Many processes are used to obtain the results she desires with each sculpture quite individual to the next.


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